Monday, September 18, 2017

Psalm 91

 Psalm 91 verses 11-12 , talks about that God will sent His heavenly messengers to guard you whenever you need to kept safe! They(the messengers) will hold you up in their hands so you won't crash! This is so true, as I found out today.
 Co workers can be so thoughtless and mean! If I wasn't a believer in Jesus and know the Word, I would have been mad, instead I was sad on the verge of tears. One co worker accused me of something that isn't true and I was so sad about it! Why would she say this awful thing! But as my daughter said , 'Mom, you know that's not true and you have Jesus!", so I started to pray and to speak the name of Jesus out loud."  It didn't happen instantly, but within minutes I felt the peace of Jesus and knew that God had turned my heart around from being sad to being grateful that I could pray for this person! I felt so relieved and blessed to know that Jesus was healing my heart, that He had protected me from bitterness and revengeful thoughts! I even gave that person a ride so she could catch her ride home! God is awesome! Blessings!

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