Sunday, January 6, 2013

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I was just reading at about what makes us happy! It is a great list she came up after reading a list somewhere else. There are days that I have to work to be happy, I (for the most part) can be nice, but not always happy. I know that only I can do something about it, so I am going to make a list. Here goes: 1. my grandchildren, all 5. They are great kids!!! 2. sunny days. Something about seeing the sun does something for a person! 3. The "hub". For the most part, he makes me smile. It is his goal ( I think) to make me laugh, even when I should be somber or mad. 4. Seeing a cardinal. That was my mom's favorite bird, so when I see one, I think of her! 5. Cooking (should be a no brainer). I love cooking for family and friends! We have had some fun parties, maybe I should think about that again!!! Since I have been working, dinner parties have gone by the way! 6. Friends and family make me happy. I have some awesome friends and my family is the best! 7. My relationship with Jesus! Probably should have been number one, but 7 is the number of perfection for the Lord! I tell my kids all the time when they need a new perspective on a situation, that God always see the BIG picture, which is so much better than we do, so trust HIM!!!!! If we saw the BIG picture, it would probably scare us!!! Blessings and hugs!!!!

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