Saturday, December 10, 2011

white christmas

I was over at Isabelleathome's blog yesterday morning and came across this recipe! I took it work and discussed the recipe with my boss. We will use next week for sample fest! Congrats, Isabelle!! Anyway, I decided to make some for baskets I am putting together for Christmas gifts! It is tasty and pretty! So here is the recipe which I changed up just a tad! White Christmas recipe: 3 cups of Cheerios, 3 cups of Rice Chex(store brand), 3 cups of Corn Chex(store brand), 1 bag of Christmas peanut M&M's(could use plain), and 2 cups of stick pretzels broken up, and 1 bag of white chips melted using a double boiler. Mix the cereals, prezels and M&M's in huge bowl. Melt the white chips in the double boiler and pour the melted white chocolate chips over the cereal mix. Mix this well and put some muscle into it!! Let it cool and break it up to put in pretty jars or bags for gifts! Blessings!

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