Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm in the "organizing mode" these days, but I am stuck! I need help and Lord knows I can't ask the "hub", because he "don't know"! I want to organize the business area in our great room! It's in the corner as you walk into the room. I need to first figure out where to put all the items from this area, which room it needs to go, which room has the most storage for all this businees items and then go get some containers. Sounds like a quick shopping trip to Rice Lake to me!!! I would like to go alone, but somehow I doubt that will happen and questions will be asked, like

"why are you getting that?", "don't you have that already?", "where are you going to put that?" and on it goes!! Bless him, he can't help asking the questions! Wish me luck!!

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