Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've had a few of you ask me about my back, so here's the scoop! I've had issues with my back for 40 yrs after a few accidents! So, now with age(I hate that) and wear on my back, it's not good news! I had a MRI and x-rays 3

weeks ago, this is what it showed us, 3 "slipped disks" and some curving on the lower spine(age related), but the lower disk is pinching and pulling, so that's where the lower leg pain comes in to play and almost unbearable back pain lives! I told my pastor that "pain has become my evil friend." He had just preached on the book of James that talks about prayer and healing. He said that pain isolates the person in pain, how very true! Gordon knows when I have had enough, I become very quiet and withdrawn(which is not me). So, with saying that, I apologize to many of you when that happens! So, next week I will get a shot to see if I get some relief from all of this, I pray it does as I'm looking at surgery otherwise. Please don't tell me the horror stories(I've heard them all), but pray that God's will be done! Well, that's all from here today, today seems to be may be a good day, pain is okay this morning,scale of 0 to 10, pain is 6,YEAH! Sorry this isn't a happy or fun posting today! Blessings!

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  1. Oh my...that does sound painful. I hope you're feeling better.



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