Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ham leftovers

I had 4 hams in the freezer,I don't know why I bought so many hams! Actually 2 half hams and 2 whole hams, to be exact! So, last week I put a half ham in the crock pot and cooked with a can of coke poured over it while at work! Someone once told me to add a can of coke and it's really good on the ham! Anyway,(sorry for the short bunny trail), we have a little bit of leftovers! So today I made ham and wild rice chowder! I got home from work and put the rice on to cook(which took about 45 minutes). I worked on making the roux(oil and flour cooked in the pan, then added the cream with a little water to thin out the cream). I got the ham chopped up and added to the cream chowder mixture, then added the rice when it was done cooking! Yum is all I can say!! Blessings!

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