Sunday, March 12, 2017

I think I am back on blogspot

I've tried and tried Wordpress , but sometimes I can load pictures other times I can't, it's so frustrating!
I had one person say she couldn't comment here, but I have tried everything here, I can comment, so I don't know. Here the photos are easy to download on the site, and I think it's easier to post!
So here we go again. I'm off for the next 6 weeks from work as I had surgery, so this gives me time to change this site up or shut it down! I really like blogging as it give me a voice in this busy brutal world!
Over at Word press I talked today about a day of rest! I think it's so important in this very busy world in which we all live! Taking a day off from electronics is so important and I know it's very hard to do. Friends of ours live in Switzerland and they say that Sundays are family days with no electronics! I think that is a great idea! We try hard when we are out to eat to not look at our phones! Does that count, you bet it does!!Have a good Sabbath however you rest!

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