Sunday, December 21, 2014

Twas a few days before Christmas

Twas a few days before Christmas and all through the house, the packages weren't wrapped and I am quite calm. I know this doesn't rhyme, but I don't care! I finished up the fudge for the year and made 2 batches of cookies that are gone! I got Gordon's present wrapped and under the tree. I have more wrapping to do and today seems like it will work out for that, Gordon and his friend Bob Warnke, he has quite a few friends named Bob, about 5. They will be ice fishing, so I will occupy my time wisely!!! Next Saturday we will go to Kurt and Kate's to celebrate. I'm bringing cupcakes for Gordon's birthday and I don't know what else, I haven't been told yet! Erika and Trevor are coming over Christmas Eve, which is so great! I don't like the thought of being totally alone for the holiday. I remember my Mom didn't either. We didn't go to Chicago one year and it was miserable for her and Dad, then the next year she was sick/dying, so that was a bad time. But we had wonderful holidays, they made each one special, which I try to do also!! Blessings!!

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