Tuesday, December 16, 2014

more favorite things

Since the last post, I've been thinking of more of my favorite things, so here's just a few more I would add to the list:
1. Reading the Word of God! My favorite book of the Bible is Hebrews, I love the listing of all the saints and what they believed in to get them named into that book, wow!!!! My second favorite book would be Genesis, in the beginning, what a statement!
2. My crock pot. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a new one this Christmas. I really could have done without a new shiny one, but my old one is old, cracked, and old!!
3. I love cookbooks, not that I use most of them, but I love them! It's my "shoe fetish", just book style.
4. I really like/love my in laws. I love my daughter in law, she is such a great mom and wife!! She is so sweet to me.  My son in law is so good to me, he treats my daughter so well, that it makes me smile!
5. I have really great friends. I still miss having a "best" friend, but I have really close friends.
6. I love where I am right now in my life! It has taken a long time in getting here.
7. I love spring! It comes after one season I really don't like, WINTER!!! I love the newness of life, things popping out of the ground and the air smelling so fresh! The colors are so brilliant!
This is a small list of my favorite things! Give me a shout out about your list!! Blessings!

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