Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pilgrimage the book

I've been reading the newest book I got from Bethany House written by Lynn Austin. It's hard to put down and get anything done! We were off to church and Gordon got 2 calls for furnace outs, so off he went to work. I sat down and read about 3 chapters. It's really good, speaking to me about the dry and weary land I've been living in lately in my spiritual life. God is here, but at times I can't feel Him around me, though I know He's here!! I see where God is everywhere I go! He feeds me through His word if I would only open the book!! So, I will start again today and open my Bible to see what God has to say to me for today! Thank you to Lynn for writing this wonderful thought provoking book, to walk a deeper walk with Christ!

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