Thursday, September 12, 2013

this and that

Good evening,
It's been a week or longer since I said anything clever(if I ever do say clever things). It's been busy! Work has changed a little for me again and I like it. Demos are getting a spit shine in that I'm trying to jazz things up and not really spitting on anything!!!! Any ideas?? I'm thinking like doing a taste test on pickles, BBQ sauces, Pasta sauces and new salsas! Pizza is getting old for Fridays, how many ways can you serve pizza!! I'm not sure and don't care! Well, got that off my chest!
So, I've been making peach jam, PT again for my back and trying not to cry at work because my brain is on overload!! Trevor and Erika gave us some pole beans that are purple, but when cooked they turn green, so cool!!! The water in the pan becomes lime green color, so weird!!!! They are excellent beans. They also gave us some Zebra striped tomatoes, that stay green, but turn a dark green when ripe, so totally weird and I liked them! So, keep calm and drink some coffee, blessings!!

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