Sunday, September 22, 2013


WE have taken on a project of trying to fix up a few things around the house. This little project we started dreaming about started in May( the dream). It is to replace the corner shower in our bathroom. So, we ordered a very nice corner shower from Menards and picked it up in June. Well, we have been waiting for the plumber son to come up and help install it! So, 2 weeks ago Gordon and his brother ripped out the old one, this weekend Kurt came up for a birthday party, which is great for us as they did 80% of installing the shower. Some things are not lining up and there has been a lot of words that I won't mention!! We can use the toilet, sink and laundry area, but no shower yet!! It should be very nice when it's done! We will do the floor and paint next spring! I'm thinking about cork for flooring, what do you think??? Let me know, blessings!! This picture is from the party, cousins!

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