Saturday, May 26, 2012


Can you believe that Memorial Day weekend is here which means summer is going to start in full swing on Monday ?!! We will be having some granddaughters during the summer and we can't wait. Boy, do I have some fun projects for them to do incuding learning to make bagels, pies and craft ideas that I got off of Pinterest! We had a fun day, met Kate, Kurt and 3 girls for lunch at Forest Lake, Mn, then home for a very short nap, then off for walleye dinner in Stone Lake, with a stop at my longtime friend, Avis Thorp(who is 90). She had some tomato plants for us and gave us some seeds to plant like squash, lettuce and peas. Thank you to our service men and women for laying down their lives for our freedom! Freedom comes at a cost and we thank them! Blessings!

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