Wednesday, July 13, 2011

new dessert

I saw on today a very interesting dessert and decided to make it, yes it's not on my diet, but a little is okay! They called it Banoffee Pie, I call it evil! I changed it up, not making it a pie. I used graham crackers that were placed in a 8x8 pan, then sliced up 3 bananas, I took a can of sweetened condense milk, opened it and put the contents in a microwave safe dish. Microwave it for 6-10 minutes, but watch it very carefully as it can run over very quickly! This turns out a caramel like mixture which I poured over the bananas, then topped it with Cool whip Free. Yum, Gordon said it's a winner! Blessings!

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Too much

I have a confession to make! Here goes: we have 3 freezers and they are mostly full, how did this happen??? I know how it happened, but real...