Saturday, July 23, 2011


I was reading a really neat article in "Country Woman" magazine tonight. It was about canning and preserving your fruits and veggies from the garden or farmer's markets. I enjoyed going to both websites, and I do think I will use more as there are many more recipes and ideas, than the other one. The magazine talks about having a canning party(Wow), now that sounds like more work than I'm up too, but if I was younger I would consider it! Canning can take up your life. It did when I was younger and canning 100 quarts of green beans, salsa, and pickles was always on my mind for days!

Now, it's a few quarts here and there, maybe this will motivate me to do more! Especially with Gordon's garden looking like, "oh my, where to start with the canning!!" Blessings!

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