Tuesday, January 26, 2010

stuffed peppers

Last night I made stuffed peppers. There is one left and I have dibs! Gordon can eat the white bean and chicken chili!! I forget about making stuffed peppers which are so easy, the worst part is getting the peppers ready for stuffing! It's getting cold again after the snow fall which was about 6 inches or so, maybe less! It rained and snowed for 3 days, so it's hard to tell how much we really got for snowfall! Blessings!

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  1. Hi Earl, Yes I do remember the foot massages you gave when we all come over, that was so fun!!!! I could use another one sometime!!!!

    I am home right now, I spent the day with my Mom today in Hayward. I have an appt. in Rice Lake at 10am tomorrow but I am planning on coming into the store in the morning for breakfast so I will look you up. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!! God Bless, Rhonda


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