Sunday, November 29, 2009

payday bars

Someone told me about payday bars, so now I'm on the hunt for them! If you have that recipe, send it to me!!! We love nut bars, so I figured payday would be close with the peanuts and goo!!! Is goo a real word??? Anyway, I'm putting pix of the girls from this weekend, they had candy and their lips,teeth and tongue turned colors!! what fun!

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  1. Hi Earl, Your daughter and granddaughters are adorable!!! It was so nice to see you all again. We had a really good show at the Methodist church and a lot of fun. A lot more people came to this one compared to the Legion, you will have to do Methodist next year. We enjoyed our 5 days home and can't wait to come home again. Kara and Trav are such wonderful hosts. Have a blessed week...Rhonda


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