Friday, February 27, 2015

new toy

well, I bit the bullet and bought myself a Fitbit flex wristband. It is a fancy, dancy pedometer. It measures more than just your steps, it can track your sleep, calories, biking and other forms of exercise like lifting weights. I have wanted one for a while and just couldn't justify $99, but today I could, go figure!! I tried to use my phone and it works only if your phone is in your hand while walking, so that's not so great if your on the treadmill. So, this will help me be more active, I'm thinking, so far so good.
Sun was out today and it was 11 degrees most of the day!  It was not windy as in previous days so it was pretty nice to be out and about as I was, running errands, getting my brows waxed, exercising and shopping, yeah that's what a day off looks like for me!!! :)
Blessing for your weekend!! Rest and have fun!

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