Friday, February 20, 2015


Yesterday was my birthday, celebrated well!!! Gordon asked me if I was 29 again, I said yes for the 34th time!!! We went to a little restaurant out of the way to eat, it as great, prime rib, YUM!!!!!
I started thinking this morning about birthdays and what they mean to me. It brings joy to my heart that I have another year to enjoy my family, friends and life! I got a chance to talk to both sisters and always enjoy that, daughter texted me several times yesterday, a niece texted me, and I got a few kisses from Gordon, what more can you ask for!!! I don't need much anymore from anyone, just to be acknowledged is best, kisses are best though!! I'm very thankful for a relationship with the Living God and I can drink from the Living water(His Word) to find what I need! Blessings!!!


Happy Saturday!

Today was my day of rest though I did a little vacuuming, laundry and got our granddaughters cards at the store! But all in all it was a res...