Sunday, February 22, 2015


It was a quiet day for us. A true day of rest for us, I feel revived! It had been a long week and work was hard for some reason. I don't doubt that we all need to take a day of rest whether it's to go to church or stay home, but to truly rest in Him! To rest in the Lord is a great gift that He asks us to do daily, sometimes even moment by moment. To rest and drink in His presence is wonderful! There was a time when it was hard for me to do that, but God is always waiting for us to return to the Living water for a long drink!!! That time I was mad at God and no drinking of that water was going to happen. I had dug in my heels, but He was gentle and waiting with open arms when I was ready to return to Him!! I danced for joy and drank a long drink!! That time was a gift to me as I look back over the years and rejoice that God was right in letting me be mad, that He knew I would return and be a stronger person for the Kingdom because of that trial! I could bear witness to His mercy and love to others who would go through hard times! Be strong and of good cheer my sisters, for God loves us with a deep love and will grant us His mercy!! Blessings!!

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