Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I found a box of photo albums last month. What a project I have ahead of me!!! HELP!!! I don't like to scrapbook, it's too time consuming for me. So, with that in mind I had Gordon drop me off 2 weekends ago at Michaels's while he did an errand. I got a young man who was no help as he doesn't scrapbook either and tried to help, but not so much!! I found a lady talking to her niece on an aisle where I was trying to figure out tape for photos and found the courage to ask her a bunch of questions! She was very helpful, though she probably thought I was noisy!
I found 5 albums for $2.99 each and then added more paper for $12.99 and tape for $4.99, pens for 3/ $3.00 and extra pages for $6.99.I spent some where in the neighborhood of $60.00. I now have run out of background paper and ordered more from Amazon. So, the work and torture continues!!
I found many photos and made copies for my brother-in-law, as they are so fun of him and my husband as young boys!!So, wish me luck, come on over and help me out if you have the courage to put up with me. It gets a little frustrating for me from time to time, but hopefully I will do justice to the memories of these photos. Bless

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