Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day

Here we are almost to Valentine's Day. Can't believe it! How do you celebrate the day?? Is it just another day?? I hope not, not that we have to spend money because we don't! Sometimes we do, but mostly we spend the day telling each other how much we love each other a few more times than normal! This happens because my birthday is a few days later and then our anniversary, so Feb. is busy spending money!
Gordon comes to the store almost everyday to have lunch with me, we often say we should save money and I should pack my lunch, but he comes in and we spend 20 minutes together during the day. Breaks up both our day, if he can't he will let me know. Guess it might be part of getting older or maybe we enjoy each others company after all these years, still!
Tuesday is surgery day for me. I get the spinal cord stimulator implant. We travel to Amery, Wi. for the surgery which is about an hour from here. Surgery is 1:30 p.m. and we should be heading for home by 5p.m. I'm pretty excited and ready for not so much pain!!! Blessings!

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