Sunday, July 14, 2013

BBQ sauce

I have a new favorite website that I check daily called "" The author is a gal named Mavis and she tries to feed her family for one hundred dollars a month. She has a huge garden and lots of tips for gardening, lives in the northwest and is a smart shopper! Her grocer gives her produce he would throw out, ours won't as it was abused when he did! But anyway, to get to the BBQ sauce recipe. Mavis made strawberry/chiptole jam. I thought, YUM!!! So, I bought a pail of berries and had the chiptole in the freezer. So, I made it, found it to be way too spicy for me. I realized quickly( smart of me) that no one would eat this stuff, so I can't throw it out, thinking about the cost I had into so far. What to do with this stuff??? God, what to do?? Help me figure out something. He did, I love BBQ sauce and thought why not, so I added some apple cider vinegar, more sugar,some salt, and water. I cooked this for 2 days so it would get very syrupy. It's still a little hot, but when added to chicken, it was mild. So, I got 4 pint jars and so, starts the canning season for me!! Blessings! So recipe for this is: 6 cups of strawberries, cut up and washed, 5 cups of sugar, 3 Chiptole peppers diced, 1 cup of brown sugar, 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Of course, mine had 2 packets of pectin in it to make the jam, so I am not sure if that helped it get more syrupy quicker or not.

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