Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This and that

I have not been cooking very much with the heat, but I have been making soup! Go figure, as hot as it has been, I'm hungry for soup. Saturday I went to the Farmer's market (local in Spooner), and bought 3 pounds of peas. So, I made soup with leftover hamburger patty, carrots, peas, and orzo. It was good, weird eating it on a hot day, but so good. That lasted for 2 meals, last night I made soup again. It is a prepackage mix by Giada ( from the food network). It's an Italian soup and very good. Called Pasta Fagioli. I found it at Target, last time I was there. Giada has a line of food there, plus cookware. Well, that's all from here today. Blessings!

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