Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vacation time

I'm pretty excited to be going somewhere with the "hub" for the next week, We really enjoy traveling together! Stopping when we want, visiting where we want, looking at what we want, listening to books on CD, and eating!!! We are visiting friends this time! Illinois and Michigan here we come!! Hoping to see Amish quilts, get some tulips from Holland, Michigan and looking at Lake Michigan from the other side!!! Our friends, Dan and Jill, live in flooding Illinois, but want us to come  anyway! We have been friends for 40 yrs.and our daughter was born on their anniversary!! Then off to Michigan! I need to get out of work for a few days, away from the madhouse. This week there are changes going on there with new self- check machines, new computers and new cashier screens. Lots of things to go wrong!!! Technology! Well, talk to maybe during the trip or not! Blessings!!!!

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