Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tuesday became my Monday as I took yesterday off for a vacation day to clean a bedroom! So, that never happened at all! I'm so bummed!! We have had vehicle issues for 3 weeks and I won't bore you with the issues, needless to say, it affected what I did yesterday! I did however have lunch with longtime friend and that was so fun as we have been saying we need to have lunch while she is off during the summer(teacher's aide), but summer comes and goes never to have lunch or make the time! Needless to say that was the highlight of my day! I have been reading a few books on my Kindle, "Pearl in the Sand" is about Rahab. Most of what I know about Rahab is she was a prostitute, but saved the spies from being caught in Jericho (Old Testament). It was so good and I highly recommend it! The other book was a fluke for me, paid $.99 for it and well worth the money, "Every bush is burning". It's about a man who is caught cheating on his wife, lying about life to himself, sister is having issues and how God is working on him. Ver good! I'm trying to do a meal planner(pray for me) for a week at a time. I really do want to get organized, but at what cost????? I'm tired of being wasteful and/or spinning my wheels for meals all the time. This hard for me to say people!!! I am tired of cooking for the 2 of us, it's been no fun and I'm in a rut BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wish me luck, I keep pinning organizing things on Pinterest! Blessings! Rhonda, I know you are laughing so much from this confession!!LOL!

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