Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well, todays post is on my cleaning efforts and throwing stuff away! I need to size down for me! So, I emptied the cedar chest of what it held(mattress pad) and put a vinyl tablecloth on the bottom as not to nick the cedar lining. Then I put the grandkids toys in it as they are older and won't slam the lid down on fingers(I hope). It cleans up the corner they were in! I emptied 2 of Gordon's very old suitcases and put coloring books in one. In the other is filled with beads, paints and brushes for craft projects! So, I managed to get a few areas cleaned and tossed out old broken toys! My next project is spot cleaning the carpet in the old living where I recently moved the computer desk and computer with Gordon's help! It fits in there nicely! Well, back to spot cleaning, recipe for that is hydrogen perioxide, 1/2 baking soda and a little water in a spray bottle, but I would put this in a squirt bottle, doesn't spray so great! So, far the spots are disappearing! Blessings!

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