Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Some of you know that I am a cookbook junkie! Well, I was reading another blog( and she was saying the same thing. Mentioning all the clipping and printed out recipes that she has never made, but intended too someday! That got me to thinking(which isn't all bad) about what to do with all of mine! Any ideas, like, one meal a week has to be from another blog or cookbook, or do a whole month from one cookbook and see if we all like the recipes or not, or what???? Let me know as I like to keep up with new ideas and recipes! Where do you all find your dinner ideas? Or cookie ideas or cake creations?? See what I mean, this could so much fun! Blessings! The photo is from behind my house

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  1. I am just like you Earlene!! I have a million cookbooks and so many recipes I want to make from them! I think it's a very clever idea to use those recipes and make them into a fun way to spice up your blog! Maybe you could pick a day of the week that matches the title of one of your favorite cookbooks and on that day only post recipes from that book! No matter if they turn out good or totally flop. Write about it and review the recipe. You could give ideas on how you could make it better. : )



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