Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I have a friend Chris who has a great blog called betterthoughtmedia.com. Today she posted a great one. so please go to her site and check it out.
 I read Ann Voskamp's book on 1001 gifts  a few years ago and it made a BIG impact on me. I started a journal for a year and filled it, then I started a different prayer journal as that is what I needed to do and knew it! Learning to listen and be grateful is hard after number 20.
 I bet most of us have 20 things we can and are grateful for, but after that going the distance can be rough some days. So, now I'm thinking and praying if I'm to combine the two journaling issues.
 My prayer journal now is all on my son's family because his family needs prayer, well we all need prayer, and I feel called to pray for them, so since there is 7 of them, each one has their own day that I write down a prayer for them or scripture verses that the Lord leads me too for them! It may sound complicated, but it's pretty easy!
Joy comes in so many ways and to acknowledge them is so important to you and the Lord! When we acknowledge the everyday joys, we are drawn closer to God!
Blessings to you all!!

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