Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mini Vacation

So Gordon made an executive decision about a month ago to take me on a 36 hour mini vacation.
We went to Chanhassen Dinner theater in the Twin cites area and saw Came lot, stayed the night, went to Cabela's and found a Trader Joe's for me! Had supper with Kate, Kurt, Olivia,  Lily and Kora at "Buca". It's an Italian restaurant that serves family style meals!  Very good food!We got lost and turned around about 5 times, but we got there wherever there was and got home safely! It was pretty funny at all  the turn around time we spent being lost! You see I was driving, I'm the co pilot, the navigator and Gordon was the passenger this time! He gets car sick if he can't see the road so reading the map was out or my phone, so there we are!! It was pretty funny and exciting, we didn't get hurt and that's all that counts! But next time we will be better prepared as we are getting new iPhones and can have the directions spoken to us!
at Woodbury, Mn
Dessert at Buca

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