Sunday, September 11, 2016

back again

 So, I couldn't truly make the move over to Wordpress. I had so much trouble downloading photos and got so frustrated, so I'm back here.
 My leg sore finally got healed and it only took 3 1/2 months. Longest time ever in not showering! Sponge baths and I bonded, but let me tell you Bob, I was so in the shower when I got the okay!!! Now I wear support stockings for the REST of my life to keep the swollen legs down to a low roar! I have learned the art of putting these suckers on!!! It's truly an art form!!! Tom, if you or Chris are reading this, you should take photos of this art form, Just kidding!!!! LOL!!!!!
 My baby boy turned 40 last month, I can't believe it, I don't feel over 40, but there in lays the problem, I am older than 40, yeah, and I am proud of my age, but really, Kurt can't be 40. We went to a really fun place for his birthday called the "Muddy Cow." So fun and we had given him a little drone the weekend before for his gift. He had a blast up here flying it! He's such a great guy!
 My little girl turned 43 on Labor Day this year, how does this happen??? We had lunch on the Saturday before her birthday and spent 3 hours or so together. Had a good time! Love that girl!!!
She loves Jesus and it shows in her life, just a great counselor!
 So, now the temps are cooling down and I dread what's coming, but I'm not going to fret about it! So, we have a little project next weekend, so I found a new to me website and found a couple of recipes to try out on all the guys. One is a "chicken fajita casserole" and another is a breakfast casserole, found them at . They sound good and easy! Gordon, Kurt , Trevor, and Larry are replacing the back side of the garage siding and hopefully it goes well and gets done in a day!
 Well, that's enough rambling on for the time being! Blessings beyond and back!

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