Thursday, February 4, 2016

odds and ends

Okay, so one of my favorite sites these days to visit is The site belongs to Mavis Butterfield, she's a major gardener and gives you lots of tips to spend less money, beyond gardening help. Today's page talked about going to a new grocery store, which is a favorite thing for me to visit. I love going to a grocery store beyond the one I work at: love seeing the produce, how they have set up the aisles, love seeing the fresh meats or seafood, bulk food items and etc. Mavis gives you food for thought too.
Another favorite website is Deb Perlman is the author of that one. So, today she made caramel corn using miso, I have no clue what miso is or what it tastes like, so in that regards I'm a picky eater. If I buy the miso and don't like the taste , what do I do with the rest, throw it out, I think not! Have any of you tasted miso, will you describe it for me??? I did google miso, but still leery of buying it!
The Lord blessed me yesterday and today. Some of you see me daily or weekly, and know how bent over I have been for the past year. I have been gifted standing up straight for 2 days, woohoo!!!! Thank you Jesus!! This is beyond what I thought could happen! Blessings

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