Saturday, May 2, 2015


I'm pretty sure that spring is here to stay! No more talk of snow flurries till fall!! YAY!!! We have the gardening fever and Gordon has tilled the garden twice already. He planted potatoes last Sunday and of the turkeys had to check out what he had done, but they don't like potatoes, so they liked the tilled ground, picking through the gravel. I didn't know that's what most birds do, pick food with a little  gravel, helps them to digest the bugs or worms.
We took parts back to Duluth today. So we ended up at Sam's. Gordon saw the pork loins on sale and we bought one. I'm thinking about pressure cooking part of it and Gordon is dreaming of smoking the other half. I've never pressure cooked meat before, any help would be helpful!!
We are planning our trip next month with the twins to Missouri! I'm so excited to see family and take them with us! I have a friend living in St. Louis and hoping to meet up with her for a few hours! Blessings!!

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  1. So glad spring has finally come your way. I used to love finally being able to plant outdoors. Enjoy!


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