Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm dreaming of pie!

I bought a new pie cookbook after reading the review on another site. It's called" The Four and Twenty Blackbird pie book." It's named after the Pie Shop by the same name. Owned by 2 sisters. It's a great story and the recipes sound delicious! One is Strawberry Balsamic Pie. That one is on my list, so much for watching what I eat for a few weeks, LOL!!! Also, for this weekend, I have in my sights Paprika Peach Pie, I know, it sounds strange because of the adding of paprika, but they state its really good. I have 10 bags (pint size) of frozen peaches in the freezer that needs a home in pie crust. Wish me luck, I will try to post pictures as I go along. Blessings!!!

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