Sunday, June 29, 2014

Country Life

I was reading "the Pioneer Woman" blog the other day. She wrote about 11 things she loves about New York. It got me thinking about country life and what "do" I like about it. I grew up in a small suburb of Chicago and loved city life as a kid, but now that I have lived in the country for 42 yrs., I see things pretty different. When we thought about selling our house a few years ago and had a buyer(who after 4 weeks backed out,) it got me thinking. I always thought about moving into the small town near us, thought it would be great, but now I'm thinking maybe not. Small town living can be great, but you never know your neighbors until you been there for a while. They could be noisy, quiet, into your business, move away and get new neighbors who are nightmares. So, with all of this said, here is my list of what makes country life great for me.
1. Wild life around me. Never know what we see out our windows. Deer, bear, skunks, raccoons, bunnies, bobcats(game camera only at night), and turkeys.
2. Quietness. It can be unnerving at first, but worth it after visiting the city where our son lives.
3. My neighbors are great. I name them as they would like to remain unknown, but they would and thing for us and have done the unexpected for me. Like when I couldn't remember how to start the 4 wheeler.
4. Our backyard is 80 acres, who can top that???
5. I can stay in my nightgown and take out the garbage, can you??? Well, some come to the store in their pajama pants, but really!!!! Blessings!

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