Monday, June 17, 2013

back to quiet

Well, we returned the 2 girls on Saturday! Our house is very quiet!! Oh what fun we had with them. Played UNO every day, played Tri-ominoes every day, went fishing, ate ice cream, had lunch with Grammy at work, had breakfast with the old men group, ran around outside, looked at the bluebird eggs, and just had fun!!!
 So, now it's very quiet! Oh yeah, I already said that! Back to "normal" stuff and regular hours at work! Gordon did not plant a garden. But we did get 4 straw bales that were fertilized and found out we can use that to grow tomato plants which we have 4. They seem to be doing well. I was going to take a couple of photos and camera is missing! No clue where it is! So photos will be coming soon. Blessings   P. S. found the camera, my man found it, I should say!

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