Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well, here it is Tuesday and a ho-hum day at that! My new eating routine is becoming routine and for the better!! I'm not so great at taking all the vitamins, but trying!! I feel really good and still have cravings, but I'm off soda pop( I really, really really want a diet coke) and it's not so bad! I want something sweet at night to and haven't figured that out yet, so I eat nothing! I think I will make the cheesecake I can have, but just need a few things to make it! Just to let you all know that my birthday is in 2 weeks, I'm so excited! I start a new online cooking class next Monday which was my gift from Gordon. If my family is reading this, I would like some Fiesta ware dishes to replace the settings I have, hint- hint!! Maybe lime green and yellow or the Salmon pink. Just saying! Blessings!

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