Saturday, October 6, 2012


Words are those things that can make or break a person, situation, change a life, bring hope or beat down a person. Today I want to talk about words we say and how to guard our words more carefully!! We are a people of texting, blogs and emails lately and words matter! Let's look at how we welcome people into our homes.Do you say welcome or come on in or thanks for coming over or how nice to see you or what??? Do you feel welcomed into my home?? I would hope so!! What do you think?? Words important?? I know this may seem prety serious subject, but I think sometimes I need to ask some questions instead of being so nice about everything! Stop by and see how I am doing with my welcome! My prayer for this subject is that God gave me 2 ears to hear and 1 mouth, so guard my words and have me speak slowly!!! That is scriptural! Blessings!!!

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