Thursday, October 4, 2012


Tonight we are having some good friends over for supper!!! YIPPEEEE I'm cooking!!! I think that is what Gordon is saying today!! Anyway, Bob and Sheila are church friends that live on Shell Lake. 2 summers ago we crashed their 4th of July party with our grandgirls which they didn't care, that's good friends! They are so easy to have and have been trying to teach us how to play cards "Hand and foot" game. I have had a great day off and well rested. Got a 30 minute nap! On the menu tonight is Parmesan chicken, risotto with kale and green onions, squash, biscuits and apple squares! The wind is blowing today and the leaves are falling! It can't make up it's mind if it will rain or sunshine! Cool or warm! That's fall in the north land! Blessings!

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