Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer is here!!!

This weekend, the girls will be here with Daddy, but Daddy and Grandpa have a job to do for Auntie and Uncle Trevor, so it's me and the girls on Saturday! I'm thinking about going to the Dairy breakfast, maybe not for breakfast, but there is so much going on like getting our faces painted, seeing the cows and eating strawberries! Sounds like fun to me! Gordon was gone last weekend with his friend, Don, to South Dakota for prairie dog hunting! Someone asked me how I fix them, really?? They are rats!!! So, I shredded papers for 3 hours on Sunday, went to Siren with my friend Julie and had some alone time! I figured out that I can't stay in this house if something would happen to Gordon, too much to care for and it made me cry, big tears, too! Well, the brownies are made and I need to grocery shop tomorrow after work for the weekend! Sorry for the ramblings! Blessings!

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