Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, a few of my fellow co-workers had decided to do the new Dukan diet, I thought "that should be a good jump start for some weightloss!" So, this is day 3 and it's a tough diet for a few reasons, the first few days you are allowed only protein. So, after 2 days of only protein I decided this the day I would add the vegetables that are allowed (so the theory on this is one day you eat protein only and the next you add some vegetables with protein), so this the burger I came up with for supper! Ground turkey italian burger with spaghetti sauce and onions/green peppers that are sauteed in a non-stick skillet. It was really good, Gordon had seconds, I however did not as I needed to eat a nonfat yogurt with oat bran later! Well, wish me luck, I plan to stay on this for a while! Blessings!

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