Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day off

I made the Lemonade cheesecake today, it's very good, but it could be more lemony! One packet on Crystal Light isn't enough, maybe half more of a packet! I'm just saying, it's better I tell you about my mistakes or failures than have you make it and you aren't happy with the outcome, so then you are mad at me, as it doesn't taste like you thought it should or I said it could! Hope that makes sense! It was a beautiful day here, I rode my bike which I haven't done in a long time(a month), which I did everyday the summer I got it(4 yrs ago), but then had all my knee surgeries and now I feel good enough to get back on! My plan is to get good enough to bike to my friend, Lori's house for fun! It's not that far, but it will probably take me most of the summer to gain back strength in my knees and legs to go 3 miles! Blessings!

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