Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mini Vacation

So Gordon made an executive decision about a month ago to take me on a 36 hour mini vacation.
We went to Chanhassen Dinner theater in the Twin cites area and saw Came lot, stayed the night, went to Cabela's and found a Trader Joe's for me! Had supper with Kate, Kurt, Olivia,  Lily and Kora at "Buca". It's an Italian restaurant that serves family style meals!  Very good food!We got lost and turned around about 5 times, but we got there wherever there was and got home safely! It was pretty funny at all  the turn around time we spent being lost! You see I was driving, I'm the co pilot, the navigator and Gordon was the passenger this time! He gets car sick if he can't see the road so reading the map was out or my phone, so there we are!! It was pretty funny and exciting, we didn't get hurt and that's all that counts! But next time we will be better prepared as we are getting new iPhones and can have the directions spoken to us!
at Woodbury, Mn
Dessert at Buca

Sunday, October 9, 2016


So I finished reading "Almost Amish" By Nancy Sleeth, it was interesting. She is into more of less is more attitude which I feel can be helpful for young married people, single people or like me people with too much, which I am continuing to get rid of things. Cleaned out the pajama drawer today, next on my list is my earrings. Then, the drawer with odds and ends of Christmas items that have no meaning to me.
Nancy did say some interesting things though so I don't want to brush over them lightly. She did talk about making relationships that are meaningful is much more important than stuff and they were able to teach that to their children. They have downsized several times and eliminated more items in the process. I am awed by that, I get overwhelmed and stop when I can't see the big picture. My friend Chris is a life coach and I should hook up with her in how to reach a happy medium and not quit this for weeks in getting rid of stuff that has no meaning to me ! Help Chris if you are reading this. Stuff is stuff and I keep telling myself that, but sometimes it doesn't translate to my brain!
 But here's to a better week and more purging when I find time. This week Gordon and I are going in to the twin cities to see Camelot which is playing at Chanhassen Dinner Theater. This is last years Christmas gift to us! Staying the night and seeing the kids, going to Cabela's and getting away from here, YAY!!!!! Blessings, Earlene

Monday, October 3, 2016

new book

So I saw this on a website as a good read and ordered it for $.01 from Amazon, of course I had to pay shipping as it was coming from not Amazon, but hey that was $3.99. So I'm reading this and the main theme is living simply! Relationships are more important than stuff!! That hit a cord with me, as I'm purging. I should take a count of all the things I get rid of, but then I'd either be embarrassed by all the crap I collected over the years and wasted money or just sit down and cry over all the money I spent on stuff! So, I will just continue getting rid of stuff. Sending my grand niece a bunch of kids books, yes, it will cost me, but I think she and her sister can share the books for little kids. I would rather spend the money. Their children love books. I have about 30 Golden books and don't know what to do with them. I'm also giving away my kids rocking chair to a young family in the area for their children. Everyone has sat in it as far as my children and grandchildren, now is the time to pass it along! Back to reading my book, blessings to you all!!


So with our 4 legged baby gone to boot camp, I decided to take a week off of work! So, today being the first day that I could sleep later th...