Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Today is a sad and reflective day for me. 28 yrs. ago my mom, my friend, my counselor, my sounding box died. She had a massive heart attack and it took 2 months for her to go home! I remember that I begged and pleaded with God to heal her, so she could stay a little longer with us, but He took her. I was pretty mad at God for a while, about 3 yrs. But as I reflect back. I see His hand all the way to that phone call that she had passed. I one time spoke to a ladies group about the pain and the joy, but I don't truly think that people understand the pain some people have at the time of death. The shock and the joy that the loved one is home with Jesus without pain is bittersweet. Death is painful for us the living, but joy on the other side! So saying all that, today is Mom's going home anniversary and I'm glad that Jesus is my Savior, so I have the hope of seeing her again someday! Blessings!

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  1. So sorry for your pain, Earlene, I'm sure that was so hard for you. You're right...you get to see her again and what joy that will be! Peace to you, my friend.


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