Friday, April 10, 2015


Today in northern Wisconsin, we had snow, rain, wintry mix, cloudy skies and sunshine all within 10 hours or so! We always say, wait 5 minutes and things will change and it did all day!
 Gordon smoked chicken for supper and forgot to get it to the correct temp, so I gave up eating mostly cooked chicken for a Wasa Fiber cracker, poor guy read the wrong temp setting in the recipe. I plan to eat some yogurt in a few minutes! All this to say, how many times have we read the recipe wrong in our life whether is was a cooking or baking recipe, or directions to arrive at a certain place but got the time or day wrong, or misread directions for many different situations is life. I know I have, but God in His infinite mercy and wisdom forgives us when we acknowledge Him and the mistake. Blessings to you all for a wonderful weekend! The snow is totally gone, now!

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  1. Love this story, Earlene...don't miss the WI winters, though. :)



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