Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter everyone! Christ has Risen! What a wonderful day Gordon and I had today. We went to church this morning and Pastor Ron had a great sermon. Then at lunch time Erika and Trevor came for lunch/ dinner. Erika made pretzel strawberry dessert, all I can say is YUM!!!! We had a wonderful visit and got caught up on things. We live about 40  minutes from them, but hardly see or talk with them. We live a busy life, which stinks most of the time when it comes to family! Time flies!!! Erika and I are planning a trip to see family in Aug. in Missouri, it will be so much fun as we will take with Kurt and Kate's 3 younger girls with us to meet cousins! Oh I can hear the girls giggling now with all the cousins!! Our dinner was a Ham with scalloped potatoes ( from the pioneer woman site), apple salad and 2 bean salad. God's blessings to you all!!

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