Sunday, December 5, 2010

cookie exchange

The finished and bagged cookies!
The pan of not over baked cookies!
The dough looking so pretty!

I'm pretty excited to be going to a cookie exchange tomorrow night! I have never been and that makes it so special for me! So with that in mind, I took pictures of the creations I made! So enjoy the photo gallery! I did cheat a little with some help from a bag on one kind of cookies, but they are so................good!! I used the Betty Crocker's bag of Sugar Cookie mix, 1 stick of butter( softened) and one egg. Mix in mixer, add green food coloring about 4 drops, mix that well and then add 1 cup of Nestle's semi sweet chocolate chips that are half mint and dark chocolate! It's a pretty green and festive looking! Tomorrow I will share the other recipe! Blessings!

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