Sunday, April 26, 2015


We have had some early morning visitors for the last 4 days. A big doe and 2 last years fawns. They look good and healthy. They are hungry, eating leftover crab apples on the ground and nibbling though the yard as they walk to the woods. Picture was taken with my phone, so it's not the best!
This morning I made a breakfast patty melt that I saw on "The Pioneer Woman" website. It was a huge hit! I will be making it again and again in the future!
Gordon and I keep stacking wood for next year. It's good exercise and I find I tire easily! But I did help for about an hour yesterday. My back felt pretty okay doing it and that's the main thing! Blessings to you all!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend job

This weekend our son came up and helped Gordon replace some siding. It took all day after Gordon saying it will take just a couple of hours, ha, it took all day! They made 1 run to town for more nails. Now the next project is painting the house and replacing more siding on the garage. That will take more than a couple of hours, but we need to get it done!
We (Kurt) grilled steaks and I made steak fajitas for supper. I tried to make Chipotle's rice, it was okay, but theirs is better. It's rice, lime juice and lime peel, and cilantro. I had grilled onions and peppers. We feasted and drank some beer. I made one trip to town and brought back McDonald's new frozen strawberry lemonade for the boys, they drank it right down, it was a warm day and that was cold. Blessings!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


So the wood cutting has begun here in northern Wisconsin for next winter, a long way off I do pray! As you can read at the last post, winter tried to rise again, but spring is here to stay I do believe. It's 64 degrees today already! The sun is shining and the breeze is warm. Birds are chirping and I would think the rabbits are running around with laughter! It truly is a beautiful day in Wisconsin! Thank you, Lord for bringing us through another winter and may we enjoy each season you have given us!!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Today in northern Wisconsin, we had snow, rain, wintry mix, cloudy skies and sunshine all within 10 hours or so! We always say, wait 5 minutes and things will change and it did all day!
 Gordon smoked chicken for supper and forgot to get it to the correct temp, so I gave up eating mostly cooked chicken for a Wasa Fiber cracker, poor guy read the wrong temp setting in the recipe. I plan to eat some yogurt in a few minutes! All this to say, how many times have we read the recipe wrong in our life whether is was a cooking or baking recipe, or directions to arrive at a certain place but got the time or day wrong, or misread directions for many different situations is life. I know I have, but God in His infinite mercy and wisdom forgives us when we acknowledge Him and the mistake. Blessings to you all for a wonderful weekend! The snow is totally gone, now!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Today we celebrate Christ's resurrection! I pray that it has been a great day to feel His presence in your life. It has been a great day here for us. I was reflecting the other day about past Easter's when I was a kid. We got new shoes, new dress, and new white gloves. We had a what we called a "tulip tree" in our backyard, but I think it was a magnolia tree for northern climates. It was beautiful and we had our picture taken next to it if it was in bloom! Those are wonderful memories for me. I hope you have some great memories also. I pray my children do too. We would try and go see our parents during this time. Gordon's mom had Easter, it was her holiday and we would try to go. May the warmth of spring bring joy and redemption to you! Be blessed my friends through Christ!


So with our 4 legged baby gone to boot camp, I decided to take a week off of work! So, today being the first day that I could sleep later th...