Monday, August 18, 2014


Summer is almost over in the northern Wisconsin! We could get a frost anytime soon, though the temperatures haven't been that cool. The sun is shining today and it's been overcast most of the day with a few showers/downpours during the last 4 hours! We had our grand girls again last week, spent a few hours after work at the beach, it was really relaxing for me and fun for them.
 Gordon's garden is small, but looking nice. The potatoes are potato bug free! Tomatoes are coming on fast and furious! Making zucchini pickle relish and lovingly giving it away! One can only eat so much pickle relish!
 I joined the local fitness center, something has to change for me and my back, so this is what I thought, if I can get my core stronger, then my back should get a little better. I really like the strength training part of it! I also signed up for a free week of I quit Sugar, it's a blog, Sarah Wilson runs the blog. Check it out. I plan to do a week free of sugar! Maybe it will be longer, see what happens!!
Well, that's all from here at the ranch(not really a ranch). Blessings!


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