Sunday, December 29, 2013

back update

I'm not sure who reads this anymore as no one leaves any comments, but maybe some one looks at this, God bless you!!!
So, tomorrow I will have an outpatient procedure done which is called "spinal cord implant" test trial for tomorrow's purpose. If this works for my back and left leg pain, I will have the real implant done in January! I wear this for 4 days and then figure out if it has helped! We are praying it helps me as there is not another alternative at this point. Makes me feel like I am backed up to the corner with no escape clause!  Loving you all and blessings!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Time

Well, it's this time again for celebrating the birth of our beloved savior, Jesus! Gordon and I wish you a warm, heartfelt Christmas! WE hope that you and yours have a wonderful day and year ahead!! Jesus is so amazing, with all we have personally gone through this past year, Jesus has been there for us, holding me, comforting me, walking beside us and making our moments easier that should have thrown us off our game, Jesus was there to whisper to us, "I'm here for you, Trust me." So, we have and He never lets me down, it may not be the answer I wanted or the path I want to walk, but it's what He wants for me! Merry Christmas to you!! Blessings!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pilgrimage the book

I've been reading the newest book I got from Bethany House written by Lynn Austin. It's hard to put down and get anything done! We were off to church and Gordon got 2 calls for furnace outs, so off he went to work. I sat down and read about 3 chapters. It's really good, speaking to me about the dry and weary land I've been living in lately in my spiritual life. God is here, but at times I can't feel Him around me, though I know He's here!! I see where God is everywhere I go! He feeds me through His word if I would only open the book!! So, I will start again today and open my Bible to see what God has to say to me for today! Thank you to Lynn for writing this wonderful thought provoking book, to walk a deeper walk with Christ!

Venison sausage with green peppers and onion

Last weekend, our son, Kurt and Gordon (the hub) made venison hot Italian sausages, brats, and sweet Italian sausages. Today I was craving the sausages with green peppers and onions with spaghetti sauce for lunch. We like to have our big meal at lunch time, which our grand parents used to dinner, mostly confusing for a kid to remember. It smells heavenly throughout the house right now!! Blessings!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

books I'm reading

I am a book lover! I also love the Kindle, but mostly paperback books!! So, in saying that, Bethany House has me comment about certain books from time to time on my blog!! I have received 2 lately from my favorite author, Lynn Austin! You need to read her books, there I said it, AMEN and AMEN!! I first heard on her about 7 years ago. I bought the Hezekiah(God and Kings) series she wrote, what an absolutely fantastic series of 5 books!!! Get them if you can from the library or buy them, they are quite excellent! So, I was pretty pumped to get the newest one, "Return to Me", the restoring chronicles. I haven't gotten to far into the book because of the holiday and all, but what I have read it will grab you right away! Today, in the mail came her newest book(to me), "Pilgrimage". This for a deeper walk with Christ. It is more like a devotional. This is such a wonderful time of the year for a deeper walk with God! Please check out these 2 books, ASAP!!! Blessings!!


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